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A Training Solution for Businesses with Multiple Employees Requiring Certification

  • Simple one-time owner/manager account registration
  • No waiting required - purchase and assign training today
  • Pre-purchase as many courses as needed
  • Assign courses to your staff with their name and email address
  • Track the training progress of your employees
  • Print, email or download employee certifications
  • Monthly billing available - click the ‘Monthly Billing’ button above


Lowest Cost Certification

Get the certification that your company needs for as little as $4.95 per employee (min 5 user credits for discounted price).


Track Employee Training

Track employees to confirm all are on track to completing their certification


Maintain Accurate Records

Use the Owner/Manager portal to print, download or email employee certifications in real time.

  • Who should take training?


    All those involved with selling or serving alcohol and those responsible for checking IDs should complete state approved Alcohol Server/Seller Training. Including all bartenders, servers, security, hosts, store clerks, cashiers, managers and owners. This training is MANDATORY in many states.

  • What topics are covered?


    Throughout this course, your employees will learn the fundamentals of serving and selling alcoholic beverages responsibly and within the limits of the law. Topics covered during each course include: Identification, Alchol and the Human Body; State Specific Laws and Handling DIfficult Situations.

  • How do we get started?


    Businesses looking to set-up a corporate account have 2 options for creating an account:
    Option #1: Click the ‘Pre-Purchase’ button above to purchase training now with no waiting period.
    Option #2: Click the ‘Monthly Billing’ button above and complete a short contact page to request monthly billing.